Reifegelagerte kubanische Zigarren bei Zigarren Herzog am Hafen

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Welcome to the new Onlineshop of Zigarren Herzog

We are proud to present our new Onlineshop that carries cigars not just from Cuba but from all over the world. We recently decided to merge our onlineshops into one big onlineshop so we can offer you even greater service. This shop now carries cigars from Cuba, Nicaragua, Honduras, the Dominican Republic and many more countries.

If you had an account in one of our previous onlineshops you can use your old login data to log in to this shop. You will also find all your old orders in this shop.

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Dominican Republic Davidoff

Aniversario No. 1 (TUBO) Aniversario No. 1 (TUBO) from 41,60€
Aniversario No. 2 Aniversario No. 2 from 30,20€
Aniversario No. 3 (TUBO) Aniversario No. 3 (TUBO) from 20,10€
cigar sampler cigar sampler from 47,10€
Cigarillos & Mini Cigars Club Cigarillos & Mini Cigars Club from 9,50€
Cigarillos & Small Cigars Demi-Tasse Cigarillos & Small Cigars Demi-Tasse from 20,50€
Cigarillos & Small Cigars Exquisitos Cigarillos & Small Cigars Exquisitos from 24,50€
Cigarillos & Small Cigars Long Panatellas Cigarillos & Small Cigars Long Panatellas from 29,00€
Cigarillos & Small Cigars Mini Cigarillos & Small Cigars Mini from 7,95€
Cigarillos & Small Cigars Mini Silver Cigarillos & Small Cigars Mini Silver from 15,90€
Cigarillos & Small Cigars Primeros & Primeros Maduro Cigarillos & Small Cigars Primeros & Primeros Maduro from 23,40€
Classic Ambassadrice Classic Ambassadrice from 7,60€
Classic No. 1 Classic No. 1 from 18,55€
Classic No. 2 Classic No. 2 from 16,45€
Classic No. 2 (TUBO) Classic No. 2 (TUBO) from 16,95€
Classic No. 3 Classic No. 3 from 9,25€
Grand Cru No. 1 Grand Cru No. 1 from 15,70€
Grand Cru No. 2 Grand Cru No. 2 from 14,65€
Grand Cru No. 3 Grand Cru No. 3 from 13,55€
Grand Cru No. 4 Grand Cru No. 4 from 11,85€
Grand Cru No. 5 Grand Cru No. 5 from 9,15€
Mille No. 1000 Mille No. 1000 from 8,95€
Mille No. 2000 Mille No. 2000 from 11,75€
Mille No. 2000 Tubos Mille No. 2000 Tubos from 12,25€
Mille No. 6000 Mille No. 6000 from 16,35€
Millennium Blend Lonsdale Millennium Blend Lonsdale from 16,00€
Millennium Blend Petit Corona Millennium Blend Petit Corona from 11,85€
Millennium Blend Piramide Millennium Blend Piramide from 20,20€
Millennium Blend Robusto Millennium Blend Robusto from 17,70€
Millennium Blend Robusto (TUBO) Millennium Blend Robusto (TUBO) from 18,20€
Millennium Blend Short Robusto Millennium Blend Short Robusto from 14,15€
Millennium Blend Toro Millennium Blend Toro from 20,80€
Nicaragua Robusto (TUBO) Nicaragua Robusto (TUBO) from 14,50€
Nicaragua Short Corona Nicaragua Short Corona from 9,20€
Nicaragua Toro Nicaragua Toro from 16,50€
Puro d' Oro Deliciosos Puro d' Oro Deliciosos from 11,25€
Puro d' Oro Gorditos Puro d' Oro Gorditos from 14,00€
Puro d' Oro Magnificos Puro d' Oro Magnificos from 15,50€
Puro d' Oro Momentos Puro d' Oro Momentos from 25,50€
Puro d' Oro Notables Puro d' Oro Notables from 14,45€
Puro d' Oro Sublimes Puro d' Oro Sublimes from 9,15€
Special  Double R Special Double R from 31,10€
Special Entreacto Special Entreacto from 7,70€
Special R Special R from 16,75€
Special R (TUBO) Special R (TUBO) from 17,25€
Special Short Perfecto Special Short Perfecto from 14,80€
Special T Special T from 18,70€
Limited Editions
Royal from 45,80€
Pfeifentabak from 9,80€